Which honestly shouldn’t be all that surprising, given that these are the two most joyful superheroes on television right now. But yes, while we’ve seen them together in set pictures, this our first proper look at Barry and Kara together on the small screen, and it is a delight.

The episode, “Worlds Finest,”sees Barry find himself on Kara’s Earth, and ends up teaming up with Supergirl to fight Livewire and Silver Banshee, who are holding Cat Grant—the least interested captive in the world—hostage.

Calista Flockheart’s complete lack of caring about being in this situation (with her seemingly equally bored captors) is so unintentionally hilarious that I love it.


But, lets be real, you’re here for Flash/Supergirl goodness. You’re here for superhero teamups:

You’re here for earnest listening:


You’re here for mild reactions of seeming confusion and/or worry:

And you’re here for friendly handshakes:


Aww yeah. We can’t wait to see these two in action, every time we see more of this crossover our hearts skip several beats. It’s quite alarming, and we should probably get it checked out.

“Worlds Finest” airs on CBS March 28th. Head on to the link below to see a few more pictures.

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