What's the Worst Retelling of Ancient Mythology You've Ever Seen?

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This weekend, Gods of Egypt arrives, and it’s already looking pre-mummified. But this is by no means the first time someone has made an uninspired, boring, or just plain dreadful retelling of classical mythology. What’s the worst adaptation of myths of all time?


Please include a picture, poster, clip, comics panel, book cover or other visual representation of your chosen travesty of mythology. And please mention the name, and why it was such a disaster. Thanks!

Top image: The Rock as Hercules. Actually, there were two shit-tastic Herc movies in one year, and it would be hard to choose among them. We just liked this picture, because it says it all.


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Not the worst, per se, and that Achilles/Hector fight scene was a shining moment in an otherwise drab film, but still, this movie was annoying as shit with how many liberties were taken with the myth.