Sherlock Dumps Father, Honey in Latest Elementary

Parent-child relationships are challenging. They just get more complicated when the pair is father Morland Holmes, a universally-feared manipulator of global markets, and his renowned detective of a son, Sherlock.


Ready for spoilers for this week’s Elementary?

Best parts of this week’s Elementary are, as usual, the character-building side-stories instead of the main mystery that drives the plot. Favorite moments:

  • Sherlock angrily trashing the household honey supply to ensure Morland won’t come around anymore.
  • Joan tending her roommate’s wounds, then abruptly quitting when she pieces together his injuries are from sex, not combat. (“Were you in a fight, or were you having sex?” “The two aren’t mutually exclusive.”)
  • The killer’s betraying clue? Tartan.
  • Sherlock’s indignation at having aspersions cast on his character by being framed for murder. (And worse yet, not succeeding in killing his supposed mark!)
  • Arrest by business presentation.

Mid-meeting arrest? Better have a presentation! Image credit: CBS/Mika McKinnon

Joan’s quiet competence at getting on with the dull business of tracking down leads and grinding through paperwork is, as always, admirable, although we’re missing her violent streak from before the mid-season hiatus. We’re also missing our Clyde the Turtle fix after so many episodes without him. Are you okay, Clyde?

What were your favorite moments from this week’s Elementary?

Top image: Sherlock Holmes dispensing with the household honey supply. Credit: CBS/Mika McKinnon. Elementary airs on Thursday nights on CBS.


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The honey thing was just odd to me. A) Logically, throwing it away is wasteful and would not stop pops from coming over were he so inclined. B) Why does he have what appears to be a store-bought bottle of honey when he has his own bees?