Watch Mars Come to Life in This Gorgeous VFX Reel for The Martian

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that there was a lot of CG trickery involved in creating the red planet for Ridley Scott’s space thriller The Martian. But even though it’s obviously a very VFX-intense movie, it’s fascinating to see where the sets started, and how they ultimately ended up on screen.

MPC, the VFX house that helped create The Martian, released this breakdown today to celebrate the film’s nomination for Best Visual Effects at this year’s Oscars. Check it out below—although be warned, if you’ve not seen the film yet, there are some spoiler-y details within:

What’s weird is that you end up being surprised at what’s actually practical (a good chunk of the sets were physically built and packed with props) and what isn’t (CG visors and reflections!) but it’s cool to see it all come together into the final, amazing-looking product.

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And you people think the moon landing is real.