USA Is Making a TV Show About Shared Dreams and the End of the World

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The show is called Falling Water, which is surprisingly not about Frank Lloyd Wright, but is actually about three people who find out that their dreams are all part of one larger dream.


Falling Water is being produced by Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, and is the first new show USA has ordered this year. It feels a bit darker than the usual USA fare, but could totally work if the dystopian Colony manages to take off.

The show stars David Ajala (Be0wulf), Will Yun Lee (True Blood), and Lizzie Brochere (The Strain) as the three dreamers. Here’s the press release description of their individual issues:

Ajala takes on the role of Burton, the head of in-house security for a multinational investment banking firm, whose personal and professional paranoia collide when an investigation into financial malfeasance at the firm leads to a backlash that engulfs his love life. Meanwhile, Lee is Taka, an intuitive NYPD Detective, whose leap-of-faith insights put him on the trail of an obscure dream-obsessed cult; and Brochere plays Tess, a cutting edge trend spotter with an uncanny ability to predict the next big thing, who is haunted by nightly dreams of an absent child.


Dream-obsessed cult sounds fun, but I wish Tess’ story didn’t sound like something dreamed up by the marketing department to sound cool and motherly. USA must love it a lot, though.


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Relying on Colony to take off might mean this one is grounded permanently. Plus it’s going to have to fend off the inevitable Sense8-lite comparisons. Sounds like it has a rough road ahead. But you can’t always tell how these shows will turn out based on a little blurb. Plus the cast seems to consist of solid enough actors.