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Uncle Bobby's Comin' Back to Supernatural, Y'all

Illustration for article titled Uncle Bobbys Comin Back to iSupernatural/i, Yall

Even the most die-hard fans of The CW’s long-running series Supernatural might find it difficult to stay as enthused for the show’s 11th season. So here’s a bit of good news—the incomparable Jim Beaver will return as fan-favorite hunter Bobby Singer in an upcoming episode.


If you wondering whether Bobby would show up as a ghost—which is pretty standard practice on Supernatural, so that’s a totally valid guess—it turns out he won’t. Instead he’ll appear with his fellow deceased hunter Rufus (played by Steven Williams) in a flashback. According to Nerdist, they’ll be shown investigating a case from season five of the show, which will of course have ties to the case Sam and Dean will be looking into in the present day.

Bobby will make his welcome return on the 16th episode of this the season, which should air sometime in March. Jim Beaver: Supernatural’s sweeps week secret weapon? Works for me.


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They should just make “Curmudgeon” starring Jim Beaver. I’d watch the living hell out a show where he plays a grumpy guy who gets irked by things, while [insert cowboy stuff or murders or urban fantasy or hell, gardening here] is going on.