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The Son of the Devil Discovers His Heritage in the New Damien Trailer

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Mark your calendars, folks: between A&E’s Omen follow up Damien and Fox’s ridiculously charming Lucifer, there’s never been a better year for Satan on television. If this new trailer is anything to go by, Damien is definitely going to be the darker and creepier of the two.


A&E has unabashedly leaned on the show’s links to the classic horror movie The Omen in the past, but it gets very overt in this new trailer, picking up in Damien’s life 25 years after the events of the film in a world where the son of the beast doesn’t actually know he’s the son of the beast. It’s something that he picks up on rather quickly, it seems, and he doesn’t seem all that chuffed about when he does.

Damien has shown a lot of promise since we first saw it at San Diego Comic-Con last year, and it’s looking great with every new look. Not long before the son of Satan really is back now though—Damien hits A&E on March 7th.

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So I guess they’re ignoring the other two films in the Omen trilogy...