New Trailer for the Damien TV Series Appropriates The Omen's Most Famous Line

Illustration for article titled New Trailer for the iDamien/i TV Series Appropriates iThe Omen/is Most Famous Line

We recently got a new trailer for the upcoming Fox show Lucifer; not to be outdone, A&E would like to remind you of its own entry into the “2016: The Year of Our Dark Lord” television sweepstakes, busting out a teaser for Damien, which builds off the story of classic 1976 horror film The Omen.


As we learned at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year, Damien is set 25 years after The Omen and stars Bradley James (Merlin) as the grown-up son of Satan who doesn’t remember anything about his past. Helping jog this unaware Antichrist’s memories are characters played by Barbara Hershey (as a mysterious protector figure), Deadwood’s Robin Weigart (as a Vatican investigator), and The Walking Dead’s Scott Wilson (as a “power broker” of some kind).

In the below teaser, we see a sleek and contemporary update of one of the most haunting scenes from the original Omen; as is befitting the character’s adult age, he’s no longer willing nannies to fling themselves out of windows. That 666 birthmark still apparently has the same dangerous powers, though.


[Via Deadline]

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“2016: The Year of Our Dark Lord”

Why are they using Trump’s campaign slogan?