"War Hammer" Joins the Fray in This New Captain America: Civil War Art—Wait, Who?

Illustration for article titled War Hammer Joins the Fray in This New iCaptain America: Civil War/i Art—Wait, Who?

A new promo piece for Marvel’s upcoming Captain America: Civil War is here. It features separate groups of the Avengers, led by Steve Rogers’ Cap and Tony Stark’s Iron Man, just civil warring the hell out of each other. But who’s that in the upper-right corner?

You may think it’s War Machine, seeing as it looks exactly like War Machine from Iron Man 2 and Avengers: Age of Ultron. But this magazine spread from Total Film clearly labels Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes as “War Hammer.”

While it’s possible that the character has had his moniker changed for the film—he was, after all, the Iron Patriot for a bit in Iron Man 3—personally I’m thinking it’s more likely that this is just a typo on Total Film’s part, and Rhodey will be performing War Machine business as usual.


That said, I can also see a scenario where Disney/Marvel finally realized “Hey, maybe naming a superhero hero after America’s out-of-control military-industrial complex isn’t the best idea in 2015.”

[Via Comic Book Movie]

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Maybe the government nationalized Hammer Industries after the events of Iron Man 2, and the new government sanctioned armor is being built and maintained by them?