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Ryan Reynolds Trolls Pint-Sized X-Men In "How Deadpool Spent Halloween"

Illustration for article titled Ryan Reynolds Trolls Pint-Sized X-Men In How Deadpool Spent Halloween

Ryan Reynolds dressed up as Deadpool for a Halloween video in which he tries to unite a motley crew of kid X-Men, Deadpool-style.


The video is a promo for Reynolds’ Deadpool movie (which comes out in February), and the actor doesn’t break from full-on Deadpool—meaning he’s foul-mouthed, sarcastic and super-talkative.

Watch Reynolds’ Deadpool try to wrangle the wee X-Men:

Deadpool has no fourth wall boundaries, so he can also make fun of Ryan Reynolds’ previous superheroic misfire: “Weren’t you Green Lantern?” asks tiny Mystique. “What does this suit look like to you?” Deadpool snaps back. “Does it look like a leprechaun had sex with a cartoonist?”


The video, which Reynolds tweeted as “Deadpool’s school for not so gifted youngsters,” is fun as far as promotions for blockbusters go. If this is any indication of Deadpool in the upcoming film, he’s going to be a handful—but that’s how we like our Deadpool.


Top image via Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter

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Damn, their marketing team is killing it. Killing. It.

And the best part is it’s all costing a fraction of the price of the pretty, polished and heavily produced pieces that are normal for this type of fare. These guys and the Marvel TV cast (with DubSmash wars) should get some kudos for the work they’re doing.

This is the new normal, film & TV peeps. Watch and learn.