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Which Franchise Was The Most Successful At Cashing in on Fan Nostalgia?

Illustration for article titled Which Franchise Was The Most Successful At Cashing in on Fan Nostalgia?

We’re running out of helium and possibly chocolate, but there’s one resource that will never be exhausted: Fan nostalgia. Especially nostalgia for the classic series of the last four decades of the 20th century. But which franchise made the most successful bid for fan nostalgia?


With the Star Wars trailer burning up the internets and people remembering how much they loved TIE fighters, Stormtroopers, droids and lightsabers, it’s important to remember that your nostalgia is someone else’s capital. So please include a picture or clip of the franchise in question, the name of the franchise, and just how/when it perfected the art of mining your nostalgia.

Top image: Star Trek. The 2009 reboot was a pretty solid film, but it was jam-packed with nostalgia. Including Old Spock, a Tribble, the Kobayashi Maru, and a billion shout-outs and easter eggs, just to make sure the fans were fully catered to.


Thanks for the suggestion, Shaun!

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I loved Old Spock in the reboot, but I think this episode takes the cake.