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Prepare For Jaws 19 With This Brilliant Back To The Future Advert

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As celebrations for Back to the Future’s 30th anniversary get under way, Universal have gone on a bit of a nostalgia spree: first they brought back Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown for a new short, and now? Well, they’re hyping up the 19th entry in the Jaws saga, Back to the Future II style.


Yes, based on the joke from Back to the Future II when Marty sees a nineteenth Jaws film being advertised during his jaunt to the mysterious future time of October 21st, 2015, this brilliant teaser trailer goes through what might have been for the Jaws series up to that point: Robo sharks and even Cyber sharks, the prequel, the prequel to the sequel, the gritty reboot, it has it all.

Jaws 19 is sadly not coming any time soon, no matter how much we want this teaser to be real. Back to the Future’s 30th anniversary very much is though.


[Via Variety]

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Howard the Duck

I sorta wanna see the robo shark and the cyber shark.