The Mythbusters Play With Lasers In Their Latest Star Wars Episode

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On tonight’s episode of Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie return to Star Wars for some inspirations. Among the things they figure out? Just how fast a blaster shot moves, and how people can dodge out of the way.


In the clip below, Adam explains how they came to find out just how fast blaster bolts travel. (Hint: it involves lots of math and watching Star Wars).

Maybe this is one reason why stormtroopers never hit anything - they just need faster weapons.


Mythbusters Star Wars 2 airs Saturday, September 5th at 9/8c.

Image credit: Discovery Channel

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The energy from the blaster travels at 135 MPH? Wow. I knew they couldn’t be laser weapons and was guessing some kind of charged particle weapon since on Hoth the Rebels were using a giant ion cannon but even for ions that’s incredibly slow.