There's Maximum Extermination In The Latest Doctor Who Trailer

The BBC has released a new teaser for the The Magician’s Apprentice, the first episode of Doctor Who’s 9th Season. People are looking for the doctor, there’s creepy hands growing in the dirt, there’s a gladiator fight and a bit more. Business as usual for the Doctor!


Series 9 of Doctor Who airs on Saturday, September 19th.

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As someone who watched the Original Who, growing up, in the 1970’s, I didn’t care very much for any of the reboots — they all have a somewhat jarring, frenetic, ADHD quality to them, and completely abandon the more patient, thoughtful, almost theater-like template on which the original Who was founded — but I found the Matt Smith episodes to be the most insufferable of the lot. So, I was really excited when Peter Capaldi came on, as I had the impression he would be a throwback to some of my favorite Doctors, whether Jon Pertwee or even William Hartnell.

And to some degree he is. The trouble is that the writing/production team is still the same, and this now seems to matter more, perhaps, than who is playing the doctor. I somewhat enjoyed Chris Eccleston, tolerated David Tenant, and loathed Matt Smith. Now, I find I’m not really enjoying Capaldi either, and I’m starting to think that it is because of common qualities that *all* the reboots have to some degree, rather than just being a matter of who is playing the doctor. My love for a John Pertwee or Patrick Troughton could get me through a dull episode, but the fact that I really like Capaldi doesn’t seem enough to make his episodes hold my interest.

Dr. Who was always for the young, but the rebooted Who seems tied to the young *sensibility* in a way that the old one was not. Indeed, for the original Who, half the reason for all the young attractive companions was for the sake of keeping the parents of the kids watching interested, when the plot and situations were simply too infantile.