We're Dying to Enter the Gorgeously Bizarre World of The Lobster

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Imagine a dystopian world where single people—like Colin Farrell’s recently divorced architect—are forced to find a new mate in just 45 days. If they don’t, they suffer the fate of being turned into an animal (bright side: they get to choose the animal!) That’s the premise of The Lobster, which looks absolutely nuts.


Naturally, we can’t wait to see this movie, which takes dead aim at the notion that being single is completely, utterly socially unacceptable. It was also shot in County Kerry, Ireland and has gorgeous scenery galore ... as well as John C. Reilly in a supporting role that the trailer doesn’t make clear—but who cares, because John C. Reilly is reliably awesome.

Offbeat, esoteric Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos (Alps, Dogtooth), working once again with his scriptwriting collaborator, Efthymis Filippou, makes his English-language feature debut with The Lobster, which won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. (It also won the “Palm Dog” for Farrell’s canine co-star, who plays his turned-int0-a-pooch brother.) It’s still making the international film festival rounds, and will be out in the UK and Ireland in October.


[h/t Digital Spy]

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What animal would you guys choose?

I’d go with tiger.