Issue 3 of Patrick Kindlon, Matthew Rosenberg and Josh Hood’s excellent comic series We Can Never Go Home featured a scene where the female hero Madison tried on a bunch of famous superhero costumes to disguise herself—some better than others. One big change for the reprint this week? More outfits for Madison to mock.

In the original run of We Can Never Go Home #3, a limited-run series about two teenagers who discover they have superpowers and go on the run from their hometown, Madison ducks into a costume shop to try and find an outfit to give her a disguise while she attempts to become a super-powered vigilante. However, she finds herself disapproving much of what’s available to her—and in turn, giving readers a motherlode of Easter Eggs as she not-so-subtly snarks her way through the costumes of iconic female superheroes from Marvel, DC, and beyond:


It was pretty great, but also pushing it about as much as you can in terms of parody without ticking off the owners of these designs. Many expected future reprints would ditch the recognizable super-looks and replace them with some more generic designs—and while this week’s reprint of Issue 3 does feature some changes to the scene, it’s just to replace some famous costumes with even more famous costumes:

Can you name all the references on display? Let’s hope these easter eggs make it into the eventual trade paperback intact, otherwise these single issues will become suddenly rather valuable.


By the way, if you’re not reading We Can Never Go Home, you should be! It’s a pretty fantastic and engaging tale of teenagers getting powers way beyond their control, and how they react to that when things go horribly wrong. Reprints of the first three ridiculously successful issues are available now, and good news! Issue 4 is out August 26th.

[Images via Bleeding Cool]


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