Clara Oswald Is Armed and Dangerous in the New Doctor Who Trailer!

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Sure, it’s not been all that long since we got our first glimpse at the next season of Doctor Who—but who doesn’t want to see more? More Maisie Williams, more monsters, more Missy, more everything! Oh, and Clara’s got a rocket launcher. Err, what!?

There’s a lot to digest in this new trailer: More glimpses of new monsters, like some sinister robots or creepy, mud-caked creatures with eyes in their palms. Returning baddies like the Daleks (they really have given up on that redesign, haven’t they?), the Zygons and of course, Missy herself—who might be working with the Daleks, considering there’s a brief shot of her laughing right down a Dalek’s eyestalk. There’s even a few more shots of Maisie William’s secretive new character, out of her Highwayman’s garb and into something much more extravagant.

And while it’s the Doctor making the threats—saving people and ending stories—there’s a few shots of Clara being a bit more hands-on than she usually is, brandishing a knife at Missy and, at one point, casually picking herself up a rocket launcher. Oh dear, what’s gotten into her?


Not long to go before we find out more though: Doctor Who returns to BBC One and BBC America on September 19th.

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Maybe Clara will join the “beat a Dalek to death with a baseball bat” club.