How One Image Comics Artist Said Goodbye to Paper

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Today most comic artists use computers to assist with their art, but going full digital is still a big leap. In an in-depth essay on SKTCHD, artist Christian Ward shows how he left paper behind starting with Issue #6 of his Image comic ODY-C, a science-fiction reimagining of classic literary epics.


Issue #6 introduces a new story arc and new lit references, creating the perfect excuse for Ward to change up his art. Recent digital painting technologies—including virtual brushes that more accurately mimic the real thing—helped him retain his signature style. The result: artwork that looks organic but with greater flexibility and detail. (One downside: Ward can’t sell his original art, since there isn’t any.)

It’s cool to see, step by step, how a seasoned artist learns how to use new high-tech tools. Or you can just wig out over ODY-C’s gorgeous, trippy artwork.

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Great link. The digital technology seems to have come far enough that it preserves the trace of the artist’s hand. Ward’s linework looks great in the pages he’s posted, with the intimacy of brushwork if not the shading properties of real ink. I might have to take a second look at ODY-C; the first issue was striking but not quite clear enough that I kept going.