H.P. Lovecraft was maybe not the most woman-friendly writer out there. His works teem oleaginously with many things, but not prominent female characters (although Shub-Niggurath, Black Goat and Mother of a Thousand Young, remains an inspiring role model for evil girls everywhere). But change is coming to the mythos: She Walks in Shadows, an upcoming anthology from Innsmouth Free Press, features an all-woman roster of 25 writers and almost a dozen artists writing and illustrating female-centric Lovecraft stories.


Some of the writers re-envision Lovecraft’s fiction from the viewpoint of his female characters, including Mother Hydra of “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” Lavinia Whateley of “The Dunwich Horror,” Marceline of “Medusa’s Coil,” and even the landlady from “Cool Air.” Others feature original characters. Contributors were asked to avoid “the Asenath effect,” i.e., making every story about badass sorceress/antiheroine Asenath Waite, no matter how tempting it might be.

She Walks in Shadows is now available for preorder at $2 off the $15 cover price.

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