Is This the Worst Moment in the Fantastic Four Movie? God, I Hope So.

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Fantastic Four has premiered in the U.K., and audience reviews are hitting social media. The verdict seems to be that it’s not particularly good, but there’s one “Thing” we just learned about the movie that is just astoundingly awful. Spoiler warning, obviously.


Well, goddamn. I really though Batman V. Superman was gunning for the most depressing interpretation of superhero comic books ever, but turning The Thing’s cheesy battlecry into an oath uttered by his brother right before he beat young Ben is practically the grimmest, darkest, grim-dark utilization of comics canon I can even conceive of.


Literally the only way I think DC can match it is if they decided to have had Alfred sexually abuse Bruce Wayne when he was a boy, which I have to imagine even Zack Snyder would go, “Enh, maybe that’s a bit much.” So well done, guys! You may bomb at the box office but at least you’re the best at turning originally fun comic books into something uttering joyless and depressing!

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Cat Tarsus Sinus

Ugh. No pants, the clobberin’ time thing, the voice. I’m thinking the Thing may be the worst bite of this crap sandwich.