A Collection of Curious Six Word Science Fiction Stories For You To Read

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A Mars rover that’s not quite as alone as it thought, a jarred brain with a very bodied complaint, a robot with an authority problem, and an unsettlingly quick sloth are just some of the curious specimens that await you in these stories.


You responded to this call for six word science fiction stories with some delightfully brief epics. Here are just some of my favorites, collected:


Quickening the sloths was a mistake.


Alien Invasion begins, catches cold; dies.


Brain in jar’s lament: phantom itches.


Hull breach imminent. Deploying duct tape.


For sale: Human skin, worn once.

There Wolf There Castle

Artificial soul detected: system override authorized.

Sean Kelley

Frog and Toad are grotesque mutants.

Dan Entwistle

The robots declared us “artificially intelligent”


Mars Rover discovers Size 6 footprints.


“Why should I?” Unit 905 asked.

Image: Rover concept art / NASA/JPL-Caltech

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Back from the stars, I alone.


Tacking the solar wind, together.


Traveling through time, cherry blossoms forever.


Her last breath, alone on Mars.


On Marsport sign, one word, croatoan.


Cthulhu, dead but dreaming of me.


Soaring above clouds, testing my wings.


A dog waits outside the spaceport.