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Starship Troopers Could Become A TV Series

Illustration for article titled iStarship Troopers/i Could Become A TV Series

The long whispered-about Starship Troopers reboot may resurface in the form of a TV show. Starship Troopers the series, now this is something we’ve all been waiting on for a long time. Why? Because it could really work, if done just right.


In an interview with Hitfix about his upcoming Goosebumps film, producer Neal Moritz revealed his plans for Starship Troopers (a property he’s been kicking around for some time). And it sounds like he’s leaning towards turning this treasured book by Robert A. Heinlein and bastion of ‘90s scifi action on film (Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 movie adaptation) into a TV show, again. Here’s the quote:

“We’re developing it. We’ve actually been talking about either doing it as a feature or doing it as a television show,” he said. “So, we’ll see.”


OK, so that’s not a solid “it’s happening,” and it’s kind of a producer’s jobs to get the press interested in their upcoming work. However, doesn’t it sound like Moritz is leaning towards TV? Wild speculation, of course, and mainly because we really want Band of Brothers in Space to happen. This is not the first time this property has been pushed towards television — plus there was Roughnecks, the animated series spinoff. But this could potentially be much larger. Fingers crossed.

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If there is a Starship Troopers TV show on the air and no Star Trek TV show, I think that’s definitive proof that there is no God.