In New Avengers: Age of Ultron Clip, It's Hulk Versus Stark's Hulkbuster

Illustration for article titled In New iAvengers: Age of Ultron /iClip, Its Hulk Versus Starks Hulkbuster

Tonight, MTV aired a new clip from Avengers: Age of Ultron — a 90-second chunk from the Iron Man/Hulk fracas we've seen bits of in concept art and trailers. Tony does not seem pleased with this turn of events

There are a few hints from this short clip: first of all, it's the Scarlet Witch who sends the Hulk on his rampage. Second, from Tony's "Don't mention puny Banner" quip, we can gather that either a) the Hulk and Tony have been having some deep, soul-baring conversations or b) we'll actually see the Hulk's opinion of Bruce in action before this scene.

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Ah I love he has replacement parts hovering overhead that can fly down and repair things like broken limbs! The Hulkbuster actually held up better then I expected it to. Though I assume it will soon be busted.