Latest Mad Max: Fury Road Footage Gives Us Even More Danger

In comparison to all the other trailers we've seen for Mad Max: Fury Road — awesome as they are — this one seems less committed to quick cuts and more committed to giving us a better look at what's going on.

Not how it looks, because, my god, we've seen that and it's amazing. But the first ten seconds here show us an ambush with Imperator Furiosa recognizing the danger just in time. Charlize Theron looks killer as Furiosa every single time we see her. And here? It looks like she's more of a badass than anyone else.

We've run out of ways to say we're excited for this film. It just looks so good.

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"All the other trailers?" Haven't they pretty much been the same trailer? Quick cuts of driving action set to Verdi?