Which TV Show Was Cancelled Just As It Was Getting Interesting?

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Sometimes you watch the last ever episode of a TV show that's already been killed, and you can't help thinking, "Damn, they waited too long to get to the good part." Which TV show dragged its feet for an entire season (or three), only to turn into something really interesting in its final hour?


This happens all the time. Either a show was just waiting until the season finale to reveal a clever twist, or the showrunners felt cancellation breathing down their necks and came up with a cool season-ending reveal as a hail-mary. Either way, that season finale ends up being a series finale, and we never get to see the new twist pay off.

Please include a picture, clip, piece of promo art, or other representation of a show that suddenly got interesting when it was ending. And please mention the name of the show, and why the series finale was suddenly way more fascinating than the rest of the series. Thanks!

Top image: Terra Nova. The title of our recap says it all: "Why did it take a whole season for this show to start living up to its pilot?" The characters finally started to live and breathe a bit, and there was an interesting new status quo set up, with the gateway to the future destroyed. Plus a whole new mystery, etc. etc. It showed promise. But the show was already dead.

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Captain Max and JINX

Almost Human suffered from poor marketing, a delayed premiere date and Fox airing the episodes out of order. The adventures of John and Dorian were only just beginning!