This Time-Lapse Was Made For People Who Think Time-Lapses Are Boring

Do time-lapse videos put you to sleep? This creatively edited footage of Austria's various natural and cultural attractions is something you might actually enjoy.

It's easy to get burned out on time-lapses. When applied with little-to-no technical variation between cuts, the technique can quickly reach a point of diminishing returns. Even natural phenomena and bustling urbanism – two mainstays of the medium and visually arresting subjects, by most accounts – are quickly drained of their vitality, when presented in a tedious and predictable progression of panning, fast-forwarded vignettes.

"A Taste of Austria" is the antidote to this lesser genus of time-lapse. Created by filmmakers Thomas Pöcksteiner and Peter Jablonowski (aka "FilmSpektakle"), the three-minute video is winnowed from five terabytes of footage that took some two years to shoot. Like most time-lapses, it 's got roiling clouds and busy city centers and pirouetting star fields and hyperactive clock-hands – and yet, Pöcksteiner and Jablonowski keep things interesting with editing techniques that plunge the viewer through time and space in unique and compelling ways. Watch (full screen, HD, you know the drill):

H/t /r/videos

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I'm sure the YouTube cheesy uplifting piano music players Union will have something to say about their lack of soundtrack. Very Cool.