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Looks Like One Major Villain Isn't Coming Back For Gotham Season 2

Illustration for article titled Looks Like One Major Villain Isnt Coming Back For iGotham/i Season 2

And it's not a minor character, either! We don't quite know the details of how this villain will leave, but spoiler warning just the same.

Apparently, Jada Pinkett-Smith will not be reprising her role as the crimelord/self- ophthalmologist Fish Mooney when Gotham returns next TV season. The actress confirmed her departure on Live with Kelly and Michael earlier today, but whether her character will be leaving Gotham City voluntarily (unlikely) or will be brutally murdered (infinitely more likely) is unknown.


As io9's Gotham recapper, I am aggravated although not particularly surprised to learn that all the time we've been spending with Fish as she leads the world's least effective prison riot in Dr. Dulmacher's body parts storage basement is pretty much a complete waste of time. However, given that Fish was more than willing to scoop out her own eyeball just to be an asshole to Dulmacher, I'm eagerly anticipating one of the craziest, hammiest, most glorious death scenes ever to be shown on TV.

Gotham returns on April 13th with four more episodes. We'll see how it goes.


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Loquacious of Borg

Sweet, that means more screen time for my favorite character!!!