Canada's "Spocking Fives" Phenomenon Surges In Tribute To Leonard Nimoy

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Doodle-driven Canadians have been cleverly defacing their five dollar bills for years, turning the portrait of former Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier into the pop-culture figures he eerily resembles: Spock (seen here) and Harry Potter's Severus Snape.


Though the bills that so wonderfully lend themselves to this practice are on their way out of circulation as Canada introduces new plastic currency (and a new Laurier portrait), the practice of "Spocking Fives" has gained special poignancy in the wake of Leonard Nimoy's passing. So if you can get your hands on an old-school five-dollar bill, Canadians, it'll be your chance to craft your own tribute to Vulcan's most beloved export.


H/T George Dvorsky

Image via The Huffington Post.

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I just hope this doesn't lead anyone to watch Star Trek V.