The Rebels have had their turn, now it's the time of the Empire to join Marvel's new stories in the Galaxy far, far away. Plus, Valiant's intriguing new sci-fi series about a Communist astronaut transformed into a god, a new Dresden Files story, and enough Graphic Novels and Collection to last you a life time.

Dark Horse

  • Prometheus Fire And Stone Omega - The finale of this arc gets spun out into a one-shot comic, as Angela and the survivors find themselves on LV-223 in search of the answers to their quest. Written By: Kelley Sue DeConnick Artist: Agustin Alessio



  • Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special #1 - Bruce Wayne offers a date with him as the top prize at a charity auction - and Harley Quinn has the money to win it. Oh dear. Written By: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti Artist: John Timms



  • Empty #1 - A member of the last tribe of humans left in the post-apocalypse comes across a stranger who can create life from death, with the power to change what's left of the world. Written By: Jimmie Robinson Artist: Jimmie Robinson


  • Darth Vader #1 - The Dark Lord of the Sith gets his own comic, offering the Empire's perspective on the Galactic Civil War waging across the galaxy far far away. Written By: Kieron Gillen Artist: Salvador Larocca



  • Divinity #1 (Valiant Entertainment) - At the height of the Cold War, Russia sends an Astronaut into deep space, only for him to return decades later changed by some cosmic entity into a godlike being - a communist one, at that. Written By: Matt Kindt Artist:
  • Trevor Hairsine
  • Harvester #1 (Legendary Comics) - When a vigilante enforces harsh justice against a gang of bikers, a young academic and a private investigator team up to try and uncover the mysterious identity and rise of The Harvester. Written By:
  • Brandon Seifert Artist: Eric Battle
  • Help Us Great Warrior #1 (Boom! Studios) - Madéleine Flores' webcomic is getting an ongoing series, featuring the titular female warrior defending her village from evil threats (and looking fantastic while doing so). Written By: Madéleine Flores Artist: Madéleine Flores
  • Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Down Town #1 (D.E.) - Harry and Molly have to uncover a new threat to Chicago as the battle between the Red Court and White Council rages on in the background. Written By: Jim Butcher, Mark Powers Artist: Carlos E. Gomez
  • Legenderry Red Sonja #1 (D.E.)- This week it's Red Sonja's turn to get a standalone series in this steampunk world, as Sonja sails the seas and returns to the Big City to hunt down the mysterious person behind a kidnapping. Written By: Marc Andreyko Artist: Aneke


Graphic Novels And Collections

  • Alien Legion: Uncivil War (Titan Comics) - The Elite leaders of an intergalactic military force find a boring mission protecting refugees suddenly turns into a hot warzone. Written By: Chuck Dixon Artists: Larry Strohman, Carl Potts
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Rift (Dark Horse) - Aang and the Gang investigate an illegal refinery operating on Air Nation land, only to be confronted by an angry spirit looking for justice. Written By: Michael Dante Dimartino, Various Artist: Gurihiru
  • Batman: Dark Knight Dark City (DC) - The Riddler works with an occultist to summon a demon to fight Batman, but in the process is turning into a nightmarish monster himself. Written By: Peter Milligan Artist: Kieron Dwyer, Various
  • DC: The New Frontier (DC) - Set in an alternate world where the Silver Age of heroes never came about, the iconic Silver age incarnations of DC's finest rise up to save the day. Written By: Darwyn Cooke Artist: Darwyn Cooke, Various
  • Secret Origins Volume 1 (DC) - This collection gathers the first 4 issues of the miniseries covering the secret origins of some of DC's most prominent heroes and villains, including Batman, Supergirl, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn and more. Written By: Greg Pak, Various Artists: Lee Weeks, Various
  • Secret Six Volume 1: Villains United (DC) - Gail Simone takes on this supervillain team up, when Six of DC's villains gang up to stop the good guys from controlling their minds. Written By: Gail Simone Artists: Brad Walker, Various
  • Zombies vs Robots Omnibus (IDW) - Does exactly what it says: Zombies go toe-to-toe with Robots, with some Amazons thrown in for good measure. Written By: Chris Ryall Artists: Ashley Wood, Various
  • Transformers Dark Cybertron (IDW) - Shockwave plans to destroy Autobot and Decepticon alike as he attempts to restore Cybertron. Written By: James Roberts, John Barber Artists: Phil Jimenez, Various
  • Bang Tango (Image) - This Remaster of the Vertigo series sees Vinnie go up against a Mob boss to get money for a former lover's gender reassignment surgery. Written By: Joe Kelly, Rodney Ramos Artist: Adrian Sibar
  • Daomu (Magnetic Press) - A young man joins the Daomu, an international society of Tomb robbers, to uncover the truth behind his father's death. Written By: Kennedy Xu, Colin Johnson Artist: Ken Chou
  • Starlight Volume One (Image) - Retired space Hero Duke McQueen recieves a distress call from an alien world for one last adventure. Written By: Mark Millar Artist: Goran Parlov
  • Trees Volume One (Image) - Alien life lands on Earth, and just sits there - growing and proliferating across the planet in silent judgement of Humanity as if the Earth's population just didn't exist. Written By: Warren Ellis Artist: Jason Howard
  • Deathlok: Rage Against Machine (Marvel) - A SHIELD operative finds himself confronting the Deathlok project, before a Red Skull attack on SHIELD leaves him wounded and transformed into the new Deathlok. Written By: Various Artists: Various
  • The Sculptor (01 First Second) - A young artist makes a deal with death to grant himself the power to sculpt anything he wants with his bare hands - but only 200 days to utilise the ability before he dies. Written By: Scott McCloud Artist: Scott McCloud
  • Pix: One Weirdest Weekend (Hatter Entertainment) - Pix is a young girl who finds herself becoming a superhero and a fairytale princess in this début graphic novel. Written By: Gregg Schigiel Artist: Gregg Schigiel
  • And Then Emily Was Gone Volume 1 (Comixtribe) - Greg Hellinger, a former police detective, battles his visions of monsters as he tries to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. Written By: John Lees Artist: Iain Laurie
  • Rocket Raccoon: Chasing Tale (Marvel) - Rocket Raccoon is framed for Murder! Rocket and Groot must hunt down an imposter Rocket and clear their not-entirely-honourable names. Written By: Skottie Young Artists: Skottie Young, Filipe Andrade
  • Doc Savage Omnibus (D.E) - The Man of Bronze and his team travel the world righting wrongs, triumphing over villains, and advancing the human race. Written By: Chris Roberson, Shannon Eric Denton Artists: Bilquis Evely, Roberto Castro
  • Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron (Fantagraphics Books) - This bizarre graphic novel delves into the mystery behind the creation of a Snuff Film. Written By: Daniel Clowes Artist: Daniel Clowes
  • Princeless: The Pirate Princess (Action Lab) - Two young princesses go to rescue another trapped Princess, only to find her defying their expectations. Written By: Jeremy Whitley Artists: Rosy Higgins, Ted Brandt
  • Today Is The Last Day Of The Rest Of Your Life (Fantagraphics Books) - Ulli Lust takes a deep, introspective look at a hitchhiking journey she took across Italy as a seventeen year old in 1984. Written By: Ulli Lust Artist: Ulli Lust
  • Zombie Killustrated (Antarctic Press) - A one off collection of some of Antarctic's finest, goriest zombie stories. Written By: Ben Dunn, Various Artists: Various


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