First Peek At Weird Al Yankovic As The Adventure Time Game's Evil Wizard

We can pretty much never get too much of Adventure Time, the cartoon show about a boy and a mutant dog in a cute/crazy post-apocalyptic world. So we're chuffed to feature an exclusive first look at the villain of the next Adventure Time game — the Doodle Wizard, voiced by "Weird" Al Yankovic.

Above is gameplay footage from the game, showing the sketch-happy Doodle Wizard's introduction. And here's a first official image of what he looks like, also premiering exclusively at io9:

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So who is the Doodle Wizard? He appears in the new game Adventure Time Game Wizard, in which you can draw sketches on paper, scan them with your phone, and then play them as levels in the game. The Doodle Wizard is described as "a sketchy dude who lives inside a magical book. He's created a secret glyph language that gives him the power to bring his drawings to life! Now he plans to raise an army of scribble soldiers and conquer the 'real world.'"

The official press release explains further how all this works:

Coming to the App Store, Google Play and Amazon across the world, this innovative title encourages players to draw their own Adventure Time game levels with a pencil and paper. The Pixel Press capture technology brings the game design to life on a mobile device, where it can be played, shared with friends and published online for fellow gamers to see.

The partnership between Cartoon Network Games and Pixel Press is a natural fit. Adventure Time mobile games have historically been top performers for the network, with both Adventure Time: Card Wars and Beemo ranking as #1 Top Apps in the App Store. Additionally, the most popular gaming franchise on is Game Creator, with more than 2.6 billion total game plays. Adventure Time Game Wizard merges the beloved animated series with the fans' desire to create, making an app wholly unique to the mobile marketplace.

The user-generated levels become part of a story where Finn and Jake happen upon a magical sketchbook (property of a brand-new character, the mysterious Doodle Wizard) and quickly discover that anything drawn in the book comes to life. Without hesitation they begin to sketch up their own adventures and watch as their drawings run around the pages right before their eyes… but it isn't all fun and games, as it seems a nefarious presence lurks within the sketchbook's pages.

Grumpyface Studios, the team behind Ghost Toasters – Regular Show and Mutant Fridge Mayhem – Gumball, bridged Pixel Press' technology and Cartoon Network's characters adding animation, interface, story and game design. Favorite Adventure Time characters are reimagined as pencil drawings, giving them a new look that can only be seen in the Game Wizard universe.

The game will be sold for $4.99, and more details are available over at

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He must get on well with the creators since he was already Banana Man.