The Next Season Of Community Will Be Here Sooner Than You Think

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Good news, Human Beings! The cast of Community, the show that will not die (nor do we want it to), has joined together to announce when the sixth season will premiere on its new home of Yahoo! Kind of. Eventually. Look, just watch this promo, okay? You'll see.


If for some reason you can't see the video, two new episodes will be available on March 17th, with another new episode following each week. There's no binge-watching, but pretty much every new episode of Community is a gift from the heavens, so I don't imagine any of us are going to complain. Plus, Paget Brewster! Oh, man. And creator Dan Harmon is basically assuming the show may actually run forever — as he said at the TCAs about the sixth season finale:

"I'm definitely not writing it as if it's the end," he says. "I'm very naive about how the business actually works, these guys' contracts, scheduling, so I just stick with a very sixth grade mentality. And the mentality is this show has lived by the sword of the very intimate relationship with fans, and has to die by that sword. So only when people stop watching do I want to stop providing the project… We owe it to be used by it. I would never feel very comfortable walking away from any version of 'Community' that was existing. In my mind, I have to keep writing the show as if it's going to exist for 20 seasons."


To tell the truth, I'd much rather have 20 seasons and no movie over six seasons and a movie. Really, whatever gets me the most Community.

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So dumb question how are we gonna be able to watch it on a computer? Will Yahoo put out an app maybe so you could watch it through a game console on your t.v. ?