What Was Your Favorite Toy When You Were A Kid?

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There are lots of toys we remember fondly (or not-so-fondly) from our childhoods, but only one can be your favorite. Which toy was yours?


Tell us in the comments both what that toy was and a little something about it. Is that toy still around (either your original one or a manufacturer's copy)? How long did you have it? What ended up happening to it? And, most importantly, what made it so great? Pictures of the toy (or something pretty close to it) too, please!

Image: Classic Legos. No minifigs, just the bricks / issarapong srirungpanich, Shutterstock.

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Since you already put up lego, I'll choose something else. Had a few:

Optimus Prime was my hero. Childhood ended for me in a movie theater in 1986 when they killed him off to make way for Rodimus Prime.

Fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

Hovercrafts are cool. Hovercrafts with missile launchers and canons... awesome. It was the largest G.I. Joe toy I ever got, and while it wasn't the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier, at least this one floated!

Finally, there's old Tendril here from the Inhumanoids. I still have him. It was a great idea and a cool show. I was always surprised it didn't take off.