How To Forge Bilbo's Sword Sting Into A Glowing Wi-Fi Detector

Illustration for article titled How To Forge Bilbos Sword iSting/i Into A Glowing Wi-Fi Detector

The tech heads at Spark might not have the blacksmithing skills of the elves of Gondolin, but they're still capable of their own Middle Earth-inspired wizardry. On their blog, they've published a step-by-step guide to transforming a toy Hobbit sword into a blade that glows when unsecured networks are near.


"Sting's particular magic is that it glows blue whenever orcs or goblins are nearby," notes the blog. "This is useful for hobbits, but in today's day and age, a real Sting would be unfortunately boring."

The wardriving hack, which uses the company's Spark Core—a small Wi-Fi development kit—has been dubbed WarSting. And when you slash the glowing sword, it will jump on the network and post the message: "{YOUR WI-FI NETWORK} has been vanquished!"


Finally, an excuse to add a scabbard to my growing collection of tech carrying cases.

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Given the shape, I wonder if you could make it a directional Yagi antenna, too, so you can use it to home in on the AP.