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Watch As A Kangaroo Punches A Drone

Animals are definitely sending us a message that they value their privacy. First we had a hawk smack a drone out of the sky. And now a kangaroo has delivered a knockout punch against a hovering intruder.


While the footage was rescued, the drone is beyond repair. As The Dodo notes:

This laying down of the law took place in Hunter Valley, Australia….Kangaroos are incredibly powerful animals, capable of delivering kicks with bone-crunching force. It's true that male marsupials swing paws at each other to win over mates, but the "boxing kangaroo" stereotype was nurtured more by humans than reality.


And, as Slate's Lily Newman points out, "This is exactly the type of situation that led to United States national parks banning drones in June."

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Fire up the Reaper - this means war. We're coming for you Mr. Kangaroo.