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The Evil Dead Show Will Have Two New Leads Along With Ash

Illustration for article titled The iEvil Dead/i Show Will Have Two New Leads Along With Ash

Last month news dropped that Evil Dead was coming back to Starz along with former lead Bruce Campbell and creator Sam Raimi. We were excited, and now we know a little bit more about the series.


Entertainment Weekly published a massive interview with Bruce Campbell that's really a lovely in-depth look at the making of the Evil Dead series. But it also contains a lot of clues about this new Starz series. First, it's going to "flesh out" the beloved character Ash, find out where he is now, how time has impacted his life. And oh yes, there will be blood and gags, and blood gags. According to Campbell:

"We're going to give people a little of the old fashioned splatstick—horror and comedy. The fans have been really good to us over the years. This is an opportunity to do something with full street cred… Something we're doing is taking the horror parts very seriously. We're not making fun of the horror aspects. And it's going to cause Ash—this crabby middle-aged man who doesn't want to get dragged back into this—a lot of problems. He's not the Ash he used to be… And the beauty of Starz is there's no content issues. Let's face it: Fans want the carnage and the mayhem. So we intend to give them quite the explosion of viscera. Most of it directed at me, unfortunately."


And we're also getting two more characters. One that sounds like some sort of surrogate daughter for Ash. Ash with a daughter? GO ON...

"It's a threesome, which is a good number. Since it's not cast yet, it would be silly to fully describe them. But they're supposed to be two very good counterparts. One is a male-bonding situation; the other is father-figure deal, since Ash could have a daughter the same age as this character. Hopefully we'll pull Ash out of his loner-veteran mode and get him back into being a human being again."

It still sounds like the series is a long ways off, but we're still hella excited to get slap gore back in our lives. Read the full interview over at EW.

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I will wait to see how they write the daughter. I am generally skeptical of Hollywood's ability to write such things.