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What Fanfiction Do You Re-Read Again And Again?

Illustration for article titled What Fanfiction Do You Re-Read Again And Again?

We all have books that we pull out and thumb through the dog-eared pages of, over and over. But sometimes works created by fans can have just as much sticking power. Which fanfiction do you find yourself returning to over and over again, to revisit your favorite parts?


Please include a picture (or piece of fan-art, properly attributed and linked) for your chosen bit of fanfiction. And please mention the name of the fanfic, the property it’s about, and why you love it. Thanks! And thanks to Daniel Kasper for suggesting this topic!

Top image: Harry Potter by Izumii89/DeviantArt.

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Katharine Trendacosta

I'm a huge fan of these two Bond fics:

Humorous Q gen ftw.