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How To Adjust Your Food's Flavor With "Sonic Seasoning"

Illustration for article titled How To Adjust Your Foods Flavor With Sonic Seasoning

Can you change what you taste by adjusting what you hear? New research suggests you might be able to — but not all kinds of sounds may work equally well.


All Things Considered took a look at some new research from The University of Oxford on just how music impacts the taste of what we eat — and what they found suggests that certain flavors could be best brought out by certain sounds:

Researchers at the University of Oxford have been looking for a link between sound and taste. They've found that higher-pitched music — think flutes — enhances the flavor of sweet or sour foods. Lower-pitched sounds, like tubas, enhance the bitter flavors.


Before you go looking for a medley of Sousa marches to accompany your holiday party's cheese plate, it's worth noting though that music is just one facet of how accompanying sound may boost taste — just as important may be hearing the sound of the food (the sound of a crisp apple slice snapping for instance, or the crust of bread breaking) itself.

You can listen to the whole piece right here.

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