This Final Scene Made Us Fall For Once Upon A Time All Over Again

Goodbye, Frozen cast. Goodbye new character. Goodbye long-time character. Just about everyone is getting kicked way the hell out of Once Upon A Time and it is great. Just great.


Last night felt like old-school Once, and dammit I missed these moronic soapy fairy tale characters and their constant screaming and betraying and screaming. Getting back to the core characters was fantastic.

After shoving the Frozen cast through the door back to Arendelle, the show could finally point its focus back on the characters we spent two years following. First Robin Hood has to leave Storybrooke (because his wife's magic freezing cold came back). Thus leaving Regina alone yet again, because one you cross the town line you can't come back. That was sad, however the Rumpelstiltskin and Belle farewell was 1000 times more heartbreaking, probably because the series had been hinting at this exact encounter for the entire season, but mostly because these two are great to watch. And Robert Carlyle freaking the fuck out at the town line almost made this whole Frozen debacle worth it, almost.

In reality, the whole episode was really a lead-up to the new season plot and that turns out to be Heroes vs. Villains. Once went and found itself an Ursula and a Cruella (I will never stop laughing at the fact that Cruella is in this. What are her magical powers? She has a dog? Fur? A car?). Unfortunately, the Frozen kids may be back, because their mere existence really did help the Once ratings, and last night was a season low. Either way, we're going to get a whole lotta villains fighting a whole lotta good guys, and I'm excited to see how that plays out.


First off, GOOD FOR YOU BELLE! I never understood why she couldn't see what he was really like. Plus, I hated how her being gone for the 28 or so years during the original curse (or locked in the mental asylum) and thus him stewing angry that whole time meant that even if he had changed for the better he turned evil again and she didn't think anything of it. Hopefully she moves on and doesn't let Rumple win her back with something next season. (I love me some Belle).

And I'm glad to see Frozen go, pretty much the whole run was pandering to the movie fans and that "What is that amazing smell? ...Chocolate!" moment in this last episode was definitely my limit for movie references from them. I mean, they twist all the other fairy tale aspects sometimes for the better (Red IS the Wolf) and sometimes for the worst (Belle deserves a real Beast/Prince!) but we're supposed to take the movie as the actual, exact events. Lame.