Outlander's Never-Ending Yule Log Is A Goddamn Christmas Miracle

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Do you like fire, two dogs, Bear McCreary's music, and thinking about the cast of Outlander naked? Well prepare yourself because Starz has just crafted a Christmas miracle in a never-ending Outlander yule log. It's so great.


I never realized how empty my life was until I viewed this endless loop of two dogs sitting in front of a fire while some wizard's fiddle plays sounds of yore. Throw out all your old yule log DVDs – this is the best holiday log loop ever created.

Filmed on location at Lallybroch inside the Fraser family home, this holiday loop is a gift from Starz and heaven above. To watch, simply head over to the Starz website and get ready for some hardcore dog meditation.

And if you want to view this wormhole of mind relaxation here's how you can catch it:


On STARZ – December 25th from 2:45PM-3:00PM *with Outlander Marathon countdown clock!

Starz.com – December 15th-January 1st

Starz Play – December 22nd –January 2nd

On Demand (Traditional) – Available December 22nd-January 1st

On Demand (Expanded)—Available December 22nd-January 1st*Comcast, DIRECTV, DISH, CENTURYLINK

I plan on DVRing the link and then forcing my family to watch it in the background on repeat whilst I scream "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP" forever.


Jason Smith

They kinda missed a great opportunity of getting the dogs walk in at the end and have them in the position where the video started. True endless loop.