Dammit The New Mad Max Trailer Looks Really, Really Good

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After Star Wars, Mad Max: Fury Road is our number one most anticipated film of 2015. Why? BECAUSE THE TRAILERS LOOK LIKE THIS! AND THIS!

Fuck it, this trailer is just awesome. When Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) says, "Now pick up what you can and run," and the orchestra kicks in, forget about it. You're dead. You're already dead. The Mad Max trailer has killed you and we're all dead. This looks awesome.

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As someone whose only knowledge of Mad Max is Mel Gibson, post-apocalypse Australian Outback, and Tine Turner, can someone give me a brief synopsis of what this movie is about?

I mean, I'm gonna see it because im a sucker for violence paired with a surprisingly jaunty choral soundtrack, but all I gathered here was "Crazy road race with spikes and fire and fire spikes". Is that all I really need to know, or what?