Watch A Short Film By The Director Of J.J. Abrams' New Alien Movie

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Deadline just broke the news that J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot will produce the "top secret" directorial debut of Chris Alender. It's described as a science fiction film with "a Cloverfield feel and a contained budget, [involving] aliens."

More from Deadline, which notes Sony won a bidding war to get its mitts on the property:

Though it's Alender's first directing assignment, he is accomplished. He started Soapbox Films, a respected studio that mostly generates content to promote products. When Paramount wasn't moving, Abrams persuaded the studio to let it go. Alender helped his cause by coming in with more than a script. He cut together a sizzle reel that accentuated the inventive things the film brings to the genre; he created a digital look book that explained the visuals of the movie and he even made a five-minute teaser scene that was an action-heavy precursor to this film.


Sounds intriguing, no? Check out Alender's lush, steampunky music video/short film for the band Lovett below (that's an image from it up top), and prepare to feel even more intrigued by what he might bring to the big screen, particularly with the power of Abrams backing him up.

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"a Cloverfield feel and a contained budget..."

This is code for stomach-churning shakey-cam nonsense and lighting so bad as to not be able to see the obvious flaws set design.