Continuum Gets Renewed For Just 6 More Episodes

Illustration for article titled iContinuum/i Gets Renewed For Just 6 More Episodes

The Canadian time-travel cop show Continuum is getting the Warehouse 13 treatment — it's getting renewed for one final season, but only six episodes. Will that give the show enough time to unravel its complicated alternate timelines and themes of corporations versus terrorists?

Honestly, I'm not sure. Maybe the shortened final season will force creator Simon Barry and the show's writers to focus more tightly on resolving their main storylines, without feeling tempted to add any new mysteries or layers. But I'm still nervous that this will mean a rushed conclusion, in which stuff gets swept under the time-rug. Fingers crossed!

In a press release, star Rachel Nichols says, "All great stories deserve an end. I am excited and grateful to finish Continuum with the riveting conclusion it deserves. This series finale is dedicated to the devoted fans who have loyally supported us since day one."

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