Your Motor Proteins Are The Tiny, Swaggering Pirates Of Your Cells

The latest installment of Hank Green's SciShow tackles the many important tasks of motor proteins, a small class of molecular motors known for their role in things like cell division, and, also, for their swagger.


To some they look like bow-legged cowboys. To others, swaggering pirates. Either way, the two-legged molecules known as motor proteins are what get the job of living done in most of your cells.


For another peek at motor proteins, look for their appearance (and their gallant stroll) in the mesmerizing, award-winning animation "Inner Life of the Cell." You can't miss them:

Lastly, if you're not already following SciShow, you should be. It's smart, well-cited, and served up in perfect, bite-sized quantities. Perfect internet viewing material.

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I usually hate this guy's delivery, which pains me because I love the subjects they tackle. It's nice to see him dialing it back a bit in this one and putting in more of himself vs. channeling MoviePhone Guy On PCP.