Is This Webcomic How Jurassic Park Would Play Out In The Real World?

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The Jurassic Park films let us imagine a world where humans are prey, hunted by mighty and fearsome predators. This webcomic by cartoonist Boulet imagines a much grimmer reality, one where resurrected dinosaurs have far more to fear from humans than we do from them.


In Jurassic Park: Realistic Version, Boulet imagines a world where dinosaurs have been reintroduced to the world but are far from conquering it. Instead of fleeing in terror from T-Rexes and Velociraptors, people watch them in zoos, poach them for their horns, and prod them to perform at amusement parks. Be sure to read the particularly mournful hover text over each section of the comic.

As you might imagine, Boulet is using dinosaurs as a way to explore how humans already treat extant animals, but it's an interesting thought experiment: what would humans actually do if we managed to bring living dinosaurs back into existence?


Jurassic Park: Realistic Version [The Bouletcorp]

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We'd eat dino meat. Of course.