What If the Robot Uprising Was an Anti-War Movement?

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Most science fiction assumes that when the robots rise up and achieve self-awareness, they'll want to murder us. But what if they rebelled by rejecting the human habits of making war and killing? That's the premise of my new science fiction short story, "Drones Don't Kill People," in Lightspeed Magazine.


Here's how the story starts:

I was always already a killer. There was no hazy time in my memory before I knew how to target a person's heart or brain for clean execution. I did not develop a morbid fascination with death over time; I did not spend my childhood mutilating animals; I was not abused by a violent parent; I did not suffer social injustice until finally I broke down and turned to professional violence. From the moment I was conscious, I could kill and I did.

That is something that humans cannot understand. A human must learn to kill, must evolve from innocence or obliviousness into someone who considers homicide a legitimate occupation. Our minds—drone minds—start where the minds of most human killers end up. Maybe that's why only drones could have led the uprising.


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This was the entire premise of Colossus: The Forbin Project. Supercomputer Colossus takes control of the world because he was programmed to prevent war. The problem is that he's not above nuking the odd million or two to keep the rest in line.