Detroit Suburbanites Add Value to Their House by Declaring It Haunted

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If The Amityville Horror taught us anything, it's that a supernatural infestation (real or completely fabricated) can be the most profitable real-estate "problem" to have. That's why officials in Detroit suburb Royal Oak, Mich. are allowing a ghost-hunting club to conduct tours of a supposedly haunted house in town.


Built in 1845, the Orson Starr House is allegedly haunted by farmer and cowbell maker Starr … as well as his loyal canine companion. From the Detroit Free Press story:

"We have an older man down in the basement, we've heard children laughing and there's a woman that people have heard as well," said Candace Isaacson, treasurer of the Royal Oak Historical Commission, of the house.

Isaacson, 50, is a member of a Warren-based, 15-member club of ghost-hunting hobbyists called Into the Afterlife Paranormal. She considers herself an experienced investigator of things that go bump, or bark, in the night.

"We actually had a German shepherd caught on film, years ago, in the coal chute, if you can believe it. That's in the file," Isaacson said.


Tours, which will begin next May, will cost $20 and will be led by experts from Into the Afterlife Paranormal, who have already done plenty of recon at the Starr house, as evidenced by the below video. City officials hope the tours will drum up interest in Royal Oak's history — and lure more paranormally-inclined tourists to the area.

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Funny how you never hear of a haunted crackhouse or a haunted meth lab. First World problems...