The Muppets Turn The Tables With The Corpse-Filled Human Show

How would you like it, humanity, if someone took your lifeless bodies and paraded them around, making them dance and sing for people's entertainment? As this amazing, disturbing Muppet Show parody by Sethward reveals, you probably wouldn't much care for it.

I'm kind of glad they showed the place on the back where the Muppets insert their hands to work the corpses' mouths. Because until then I was assuming it was in the same place humans' stick their hands inside Muppets, and I think that was going to be an upsetting element for pretty much everybody.

[Via Laughing Squid]

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The idea of lifeless human corpses being used as puppets is (duh) pretty disturbing, but I didn't really like this because it doesn't really reflect at all on the Muppet show - where's the "parody"? There's no flip/reversal or commentary on the original muppet show unless you believe that muppets were once actual living creatures.