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The Avengers Try to Prove They Are Worthy In the New Age of Ultron Clip

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Here is the new footage aired near the end of tonight's Agents of SHIELD. Apparently, there is no rest for the Avengers, who can't have a beer without an angry robot intruding. Guys, you probably should have invited him to the party. UPDATED: NOW OFFICIAL AND IN HD.


The new scene appears to be the same one screened at San Diego Comic Con this past summer, before leading into a trailer mostly the same as the one that dropped last week. Except that we get a better look at the humor that was so much a part of the first Avengers. And the chemistry here is far more team-based than adversarial.

But the star? The star is Thor's face when the hammer moves for Steve.

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They're already releasing stand alone clips from the film? They only just released the 'teaser' trailer last week.

Guess they're following the Amazing Spiderman 2 approach to marketing, which is to show 75% of the film in trailer form before the actual premier.