Doctor Who Writer To Reboot The Metal Hurlant TV Series

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Well, that was quick. Even though Syfy only began airing the 12-episode, French scifi TV series Metal Hurlant Chronicles (shown above) this past April, the channel has already hired Who and Being Human writer Jamie Mathieson to make its own adaptation.


Chronicles, based on Metal Hurlant magazine (better known as Heavy Metal in Britain and the U.S.), was an anthology series, but Syfy's new adaptation will be quite different. Via THR:

The new version, titled Metal Hurlant: Origins, will be a serialized story with a recurring cast of characters and a seasonal story arc. Each episode of the new show will be a 45-minute commercial hour, compared to the 22-minute episodes of The Metal Hurlant Chronicles.

Most of Metal Hurlant/Heavy Metal's appeal comes from its copious sex and violence, which Syfy won't be able to show much of; this puts the burden on the show having good writing and compelling characters, but I suppose anything's possible. Mathieson wrote this Sunday's Doctor Who episode, "Mummy on the Orient Express," so maybe we can get a feel for what he'll bring to Metal Hurlant then. I guess if the mummy has big boobs, we can safely assume he has a firm grasp on the source material.


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