A Theory About How Marvel's Next Chapter Of Avengers Will Unfold

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Today, we got some interesting news about just how the upcoming Avengers movies might make it to our screen. But does that detail reveal even more than intended about just how the plot will play out? (Caution: Spoilers ahead.)


After learning that the next Avengers movie could potentially be spun out into two separate movies, commenter Cool_Breeze laid out a plan for just those two movies might unfold — and how they might fit together:

It makes sense, and might be the first time splitting the end of a "trilogy" (of phases) actually makes sense.

Avengers 3: Infinity - Takes place after Cap 3 (Captain America presumed dead), Thor 3 (Thor now on the throne and kind of busy to visit earth) and Hulk shot into space (End of Age of Ultron anyone?) Tony Stark has to recruit a new team: Dr. Strange, Ant Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, the Guardians (Maybe GotG2 puts them in close proximity to earth?) Stark dies at the end of this movie.


Avengers 3.5: Gauntlet - Cap is found alive, Thanos threatens Asgard so Thor comes to help, Guardians bring Hulk back with them after saving him from the gladiator fighting, New SHIELD (Coulson, May, Skye, Triplett, KOENIG, etc) Daredevil and Luke Cage team up with the New Avengers to take on Thanos. EVERYONE gets involved.

I'm behind it. Go get 'em Marvel.

Other commenters suggested that there might be one other character who would also make a major appearance in the now split-trilogy:


This sounds so cool, I want this to be real. But for Avengers 3 I'd say there'd probably be a Captain America stand-in, maybe Bucky taking on the Cap mantle, after everyone presumes Cap dead. I'm not so sure about Guardians on there since that would be too much, but I'm more than sure they could make an appearance in Avengers 3.5 where everyone else is involved. Still, that'd be heck of a lot of characters to juggle in one movie. The Avengers, the third phase characters (Doc Strange, etc), SHIELD, the Netflix Marvel shows, etc... It could be awesome or do they could do a X-Men Last Stand...


I like that idea a lot and it seems pretty plausible, but I also think they're going to have Bucky be Cap sooner or later. They did sign Stan up for 9 movies, after all. So I'm going to guess, Cap is presumed dead and part of the team-building is that somebody - maybe Widow rather than Stark - tracks down Bucky and gives him the shield etc etc.

Now admittedly, we're in some pretty deep waters of a film that may or may not end up existing. Still, we want to know what you think is next. Do you like this theory for how the split-trilogy could play out or do you have an alternate scenario? Give us your take in the comments.



Fold this in with today's rumor that Sony are negotiating with Marvel for Spider-Man to join the Avengers, and we really are looking at One Universe To Rule Them All.